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Part-time CFO, freelance CFO, outsourced virtual CFO

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Experienced outsourced /​virtual /​freelance PART-TIME CFO services for international companies and tech startups planning to enter the German or European market.

A wrong decision isn’t forever; it can always be reversed. The losses from a delayed decision are forever — they can never be retrieved.

John Kenneth Galbraith, 1908 – 2006, Economist, Professor at Harvard and adviser to several US Presidents

When it is a good time to call a part-time CFO …

  • Scaling Up for Startups and fast growing SMEs
  • Manage your inter­na­tional opera­tions /​subsi­diaries /​joint ventures (JVs) in Germany, in Europe or globally
  • You want to develop a clear vision, strategy or business plan.
  • Want to improve your company’s opera­tional perfor­mance /​cash flow
  • Funding or grants are required and before important negotia­tions with banks
  • To manage change
  • Improve your external reporting as well as accounting
  • Face an imminent liquidity crisis
  • Want to realize M&A synergies during a post merger phase
  • Prepare to sell your business
  • Manage your company’s financial, opera­tional or compliance risks
  • Need objective advice for a large investment /​capital expen­diture decision (like inter­na­tional expansion, invest in a plant, large equipment etc.)
  • Require Controlling as a Service (pricing, costing, planning, management reporting like KPIs) 

How can we support you to achieve your business objectives?

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During the consul­tation we will get to know each other and discuss briefly the main “pain points” in your business or your expansion plans for /​market entry strategy into Germany /​the EU.

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